Self driving tour sightseeing park Fangshan

    Spring is beautiful. In April, it was spring outing. The trade union organized a theme self driving tour of Qinggang agricultural sightseeing garden and Wenling Fangshan one day tour. At 8:30 on April 1st, at 8:30 in the morning, in the warm breeze, we drove two vehicles to the first station: Qinggang Agricultural Sightseeing Park, in the hip-hop Park of the sightseeing park, all kinds of fun entertainment equipment made everyone play hip-hop and laugh constantly; after that, we went to the peach blossom forest, "peach died, burning", and the peach blossoms were beautiful and charming. At last, we took a group photo on the side of the bridge, and the small bridge was flowing and green.

       At 11:30 noon, after we have a meal to rest for a moment, we set out second stations of the Wenling national 4A level scenic area: Fangshan, the largest China volcano platform square mountain, we visited Fangshan academy, five elephant peaks, elephant peak, magpie bridge, the lake, the top platform and other scenic spots, in the early spring mountain forest still some cool, indulging in green mountains and green trees, everyone forgets the tired of traveling. The time for happiness is always short, and it soon arrives at five p.m., and we are on our way home.



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